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Miracle cure for Trigeminal neuralgia!

My father-in-law is 73 years old and had been suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia from a long time. The pain was so intense that he could not lift his head or stand or walk properly without help and support. We needed 4 people to lift him sometimes. He was advised surgery, but without any guarantee of relief. We met Dr.Santosh by reference to take second opinion, and he assured that Ayurveda has good treatment for his condition and prescribed internal medicines and Panchakarma treatment for 15 days. He started feeling difference from the 3rd day itself. Its been 1 year now and he is fine and feeling good and continuing follow up treatment once in a while.

-T. (On behalf of Shk Sadiqali Saifee)

Excellent result in male infertility case- sperm count normal

Iknow that not too many people write about their treatment regrading sperm count and other male infertility issues. But I think its very important for people to know that this problem has good solution. I went to Dr.Santosh with this condition and he treated me with Panchakarma and internal medicines and I found very good results. Dr.Santosh is very friendly, explained everything with patience. Now, my reports are fully normal in a matter of 3 months. Thank you, Doctor!

- Ramakrishna, Bangalore.

Ayurveda is a life of science,having a belief in this we met Dr Santosh and Dr Anupama. We were extremely happy with the way they dealt with our problems. Scientific explanations were given by them to the solutions to our problems and of course the treatment too was nothing less than top notch.

In a time where hospitals have become business centers, and where doctors value time than anything else, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of time provided by Dr Santhosh and Dr Anupama for us during our visits, to help us understand on the health problems and also the approach that we had to take.

Both the doctors have good patience and their positivity and confidence were the ones which striked us the most.The counseling we received from Dr Santhosh during our visits were excellent and helped in instilling positivity in our life styles.We not only have found the best doctors but can safely say that we have won a bunch of good friends for the lifetime.

The medicines turned out to be of real good help with no side effects!. Thanks to the doctors and their support staff who provide service with a smile! Three Cheers to their good work!

-Couple from Bangalore (Name withheld on request)

Cured from chronic depression

I have been suffering from chronic depression and anxiety for the past 7+ years. Guidance and medication from Dr.Santosh has helped me manage and come out of depression. It has also helped calm my anxiety. I am thankful to Dr.Santosh for helping me when the psychiatrists at NIMHANS could not.

-Shalini Nair

I ,Narayanaswamy M age 39 years was diagnosed with Global Hypokinesia,severe LV dysfunction , EF with 30 -35 % only.Due to diabetes had severe Carbuncles.I met Dr.Santosh on Feb 5th 2015 ,who gave me hope throgh his gentle approach and I started taking medicines on his advice. Today after Two and half month later my heart functions normally, My EF is 65% ,Normal LV function , Carbuncles reduced by about 75%. My diabetes is under fair control, Fatigue is reduced and I feel more energitic now. Many thanks to Dr. Santosh and his ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is a light for people who have lost hope.

My heart felt gratitude to the Science of Ayurvedic Treatment.

- Narayanaswamy M

We have been consulting Dr Santosh for close to 4 years now. It started with me in a complete state of panic, after finding myself with prolapsed disc and severe numbing associated with it. With my vivid imagination , I was all set to brace up for a "invalid" life :),since I just couldn't literally stomach any of the medicines (thanks to hyper acidity) my allopathy doctor gave me. My ortho was scaring me with all possibilities of nerve ends severely damaged, an immediate MRI and what not. All this until, my friend took me to consult Dr Santosh. Needless to say I became all active in 6 weeks, best part was I could just speak all about the problem, including my own prediction of a bleak future as a person that's bordering "invalid”, he just sat there and let me talk for close to 20 minutes later, later addressed each issue and assured me that I was going to be alright.

Later the same year, my husband also consulted him for migraine. Thanks to prolonged use of prophylactics the neurologist suggested, my husband was well in his way to becoming a zombie. We were resigned to the fact of him being in trance state and forgetting things in the middle of the sentence. Dr Santosh worked his magic on my husband too.

Best of all my experiences was, in my son's case. I went through the same nightmare every mother with a toddler goes through- lack of appetite, worms, underweight child and child that refuses to eat anytime of the day. This time, Dr challenged that after one particular medicine for 15 days my son will come and ask me for food... And my son did come and ask me for food and he ate it too... :))

Even though we have moved out of Bangalore we still consult Dr Santosh. He lets us talk about all the trouble (in phone now) and concludes amazingly..I think that's Dr's major strength, as another person in this forum mentioned just telling about all that bothers us and Dr saying it can be treated in this timeframe feels like halfway cured already.

Thanks doctor. Writing about it all brought back memories of troubled times. Thanks for all your treatment, for us and especially to my father in his last few months. He was greatly comforted by the manner in which you were speaking with him, confidently assuring...thanks again!

Thanks Doctor!

- Veda, Hyderabad

Very humane and friendly doctor

I am 73 years old and have known Dr. Santosh since the last seven years. I first met Dr. Santosh in the year 2004 and since then he has been my family doctor. He is not only an excellent Ayurvedic physician but also very humane and friendly. He applies his mind fully to any problem and listens patiently to the patient and I am sure if there is a cure for it in the Ayurvedic science, he will know it

For instance:

My wife was suffering from chronic irritable bowel syndrome for many years and had undergone all allopathic tests and treatments without a permanent cure. Under Dr. Santosh’s treatment, her problem is very much under control.

A few years back, I developed pain in my left knee joint and could not even fold my leg. Thank God I did not listen to the advice of the orthopaedic surgeon and went to Dr. Santosh. Under his treatment, I became completely alright in an year’s time and today I have absolutely no problem and can squat and even sit in Vajrasana.

I shifted to Mysore from Bangalore in 2009 and even now, whenever I or my wife have/has any medical problem, we speak to Dr. Santosh on the telephone and he is good enough to give the solution – even courier the medicine if it is not available in Mysore.

He is a highly talented and knowledgeable Ayurvedic physician dedicated to the welfare of the sick and suffering - indeed very rare to find nowadays. Ayurveda is in his blood thanks to his family background.

May his tribe increase.

-A K Narayan, Mysore.

It is a gift from God to have a trustworthy doctor to go to and we are so grateful for your presence in our lives.

Our family owe our good health to you and we have very deep gratitude for your continued guidance with our health.

I had been diagnosed with diabetes about 10 years ago and have been on allopathic medication since then. While my diabetes was in control, the sugar level was never at normal for the duration when I took the allopathic medication. My wife referred me to Dr. Santosh/Dr. Anupama after seeing exceptional results on some health issues which she had consulted them for. I started using their Ayurvedic medication regularly since 2012 and within 2 years my blood sugar had become completely normal( the same as a person without diabetes). Dr. Santosh's Ayurvedic medication has helped achieve in 2 years what allopathic medication was not able to in 10 years. I owe my good health to Dr. Santosh and would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking Ayurvedic assistance for small and large health issues.

-Patient A, Michigan

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2012. I was put on an allopathic dosage of livothyroxin and the prescribed dosage turned out to be so high that I developed hyperthyroidism within 2 months.

Given these unpredictable issues with allopathic medication, I then approached Dr. Santosh/Dr, Anupama with my thyroid issues. The medication they prescribed to me not only helped control the issue but also brought down my TSH levels from 11.5 to 8.5 within just 2-3 months of taking their Ayurvedic prescription. With such exceptional results in such a short duration, I have full faith that if there is anything that can cure my hypothyroidism completely, it is Dr. Santosh's Ayurvedic medication.

I had also referred Dr. Santosh to my brother who was suffering from skin allergies for over a decade and Dr. Santosh was able to cure it within 3-4 months. My brother had been seeking several allopathic solutions to his problem for over a decade and has found the most relief through Dr. Santosh's medication.

I would highly recommend Dr. Santosh and Dr. Anupama to anyone having similar health issues in India or overseas.

-Patient B, Michigan, USA

I am a 59 year old lady and I had developed UTI issues in 2010. I had followed the regular protocol here in Canada of setting up visits whenever the issue occurred. Despite availing allopathic medication prescribed by doctors in Canada, I saw no improvement in my symptoms. There were suspicions of rectocoel and cystocoel, but no confirmation or treatment for anything. I would make a couple of visits to the doctor every month. However my UTI kept recurring.

My daughter then referred me to Dr.Santosh and Dr.Anupama. She had consulted them for her thyroid issues and saw remarkable improvement as a result of taking their Ayurvedic medication. Within 3 months of taking their Ayurvedic medication, my UTI issues were miraculously resolved. I had been struggling with these issues for 4 years and Dr.Santosh's prescription cured my problem within 3 months. I am extremely grateful to Dr.Santosh and Dr.Anupama for their effective Ayurvedic prescription and would strongly recommend them to patients in India and overseas. They always manage to send medicines overseas efficiently.

-Lata, Toronto, Canada

I am Anuradha Desai, patient of Dr. Santosh, happy to share my experience with Dr. Santosh. 5-6 years back I was getting rashes on my body and headache also. Consulted many doctors, blood tests were done, I was under the medication nearly for two years, but nothing was helpful. I was suffering a lot.One doctor suggested even for skin biopsy also. Then fed up of all these I decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment. I met Dr.Santosh, to my surprise in my first visit only, listening to my problems, he diagnosed that the problems I am suffering are because of Hyperacidity. Then treatment started, within a couple of weeks, I got the result. Till today I have not got any rashes on my body, no headache. I think Thanks is a very small word for him. You will find quick relief for all your ailments right from common cold to complex health issues.I highly recommend this clinic for quick and permanent relief for all the problems.Both husband and wife, Dr. Anupama and Dr. Santosh are serving people in a real manner. Their recent innvotaion herbal chocolates are also too good. My son is big fan of the chocolates.

-Anuradha Desai, Bangalore

When my kids' health (a 4yr old & a 6 yr old) is down, I consult Dr. Santhosh. Dr Santosh gives a patient hearing & before I am out of the clinic, I am confident of quick recovery. Quick help over the phone is always available.

- Sreeranjini

Email: www.kavade.org

My son was having Atopic Dermatitis from very his very first month. We consulted three pediatricians and one dermatologist. My son had to take steroids and anti biotics. Finally we went to Dr:Santhosh in Shreshtha ayurvedic center. He was very caring, attentive to our queries and assured my son will be cured in 1.5 months. He gave medicine for 20 days. Within 7 days only we could feel the difference. Now he is completely cured. I would recommend Dr:Santhosh 1000 times!

-Indu, 99*****163

Dr Santosh, Thanks for everything ,right from curing my psoriasis to making me believe in self healing.You are next to god for me .Posting it here so that more people can know about the power of ayurveda .Especially for people suffering from psoriasis.

-Vishakha Sharma

Hair Fall Cured!

I would like to thank Dr. Santosh for healing several of my highly problematic health issues. My worst problem was that during one of my stays in Bangalore from the U.S. I started having very severe hair fall. Since childhood, I have always had a nice head of hair. I have tended to have a bit more hair fall than average, but not by the handfuls! Within a couple of months of my stay in Bangalore, my hair was falling out so rapidly that I was starting to get bald patches on top of my head. I was close to panicking.

Thank goodness I found Dr. Santosh. He not only correctly diagnosed my problem, which was proven by medical testing, but the wonderfully relaxing Ayurvedic treatments stopped the copious falling of my hair within about 3 weeks. After completing the Ayurvedic treatments, I took another round of medical tests which proved the condition healed. After that, Dr. Santosh gave me a wonderful Ayurvedic herbal formula that has helped me restore my hair to a healthy and abundant state.

Dr. Santosh has help resolve several other medical problems. Now that I am back in the States, I still e-mail or SKYPE him for a consultation and order his medical herbs when needed. He is truly a very knowledgeable and remarkable Ayurvedic Dr. who patiently answers questions from his deep well of knowledge. Thank you so much Dr. Santosh for all of your help.

- F. Sterling, Marketing and PR Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Email: francesca.sterling@gmail.com

Dr.Santosh's treatment for my skin ailment was very effective. His treatment has improved my condition many many times.

- B*********n N*************n

My experience with Dr Santosh has been over 8 years now. Being a chronic eczema patient from birth, I always found it tough to deal with life. Doctor has a given a strong balance on how deal it with life style/habits and Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurveda had always been a scary dream of sour medicines and various strict diets and rigorous practices; all these have been nullified by doctor. Residing abroad now, I am still in contact with him for my various medical needs. The new web portal opened by him and his wife shows sheer dedication on how they want to extend their services and reach out to many more. My health and eczema has improved tremendously and still look forward to Doctor for any need that may arise.

- Reeba

Email: mailreeba@gmail.com

I was suffering from Migraine for more than 10 years and also had issues falling asleep. I had tried several types of prescription medication and other alternate mediations with no help from any of those.

I heard about Dr. Santosh and visited him while I was in India for a vacation. I started taking his medication and my migraines started getting under control. Migraines that used to occur once or twice a week came down to once or twice a month and even that monthly occurrence seems to have disappeared in the last month. I used to take preventive medications prescribed by my doc but don't take them any more. My sleeping issue has also greatly improved. Finally, a treatment that works for migraines!

-Nithya, San Jose, California