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An extraordinary counseling by Dr. Anupama, I am very delighted to know her and get treated from her, When I met her she gave me ample amount of time and built confidence along with medicines which is essential part of treatment, I will highly recommend her.

- Deepti

After my husband got transferred from Coimbatore, I was looking for an Ayurvedic doctor to take advice about my fibroid condition. My gynaecologist had said that my uterus has to be removed. I had continuous bleeding throughout the month. I wanted to consult a lady Ayurvedic doctor regarding this. My friend suggested Dr.Anupama at Koramangala. When I met her, she prescribed some medicines and told me to wait for a few months before deciding on surgery. After I started the medicines, the bleeding slowly came under control and I continued the medicines for another six months. Now I seem to approaching menopause and the scan report shows that the fibroids have shrunk. I am feeling much better now. I am happy I took her advice and escaped any surgery.

- Seethalakshmi Srinivas

My son is 4 years old now. We were in Hyderabad for some time, from the time he was 5 months old. He developed a severe ear infection at that time. He was continuously treated with antibiotics for 2 months. After this episode, he started falling ill every often. There was not a single day when he was completely healthy. He would have either cold, cough or fever and he also came down with urinary infection which was such a stressful time for all of us. There was not a single week when I did not meet a doctor. During this time, one of my friends in Bangalore suggested that I contact Dr.Anupama. She agreed for a phone consultation and suggested medicines which were available in Hyderabad. My son started recovering slowly. She even gave me recipes to make the food tasty and easily digestible to the child. After relocating to Bangalore, I continued consulting her in person. I am very happy to say that now he has good resistance power and he is a healthy and happy boy.

- Sangeetha Joshi.

Dr.Anupama is a very good doctor. She is always available on time and also gives time for me to explain. Sometimes when I have a problem and have no time to meet her, I call her up and she suggests the medicines. I am quite satisfied with the treatment and my problem is solved now. I am now meeting her to consult about other issues. I recommend her to other people.

- Asmath

I started my treatment with Dr. Anupama about a year back and my treatment is almost at it's end. The results have progressed successfully month after month.

Dr. Anupama has helped me throughout the treatment very patiently. She has been very kind and comforting. I also had a counselling session with her, which was very helpful.

She made me like myself and also let me pour my heart out to her. I will always be thankful to her.

-Surjeet Sowani

Conceived naturally after ayurvedic treatment!

Hi, I had PCOD problem which is very common these days but i was real scared about it. So i went to a gyneac and she started giving me harmonal injections. I wasn't very happy with it. So i decided to go for ayurvedic treatment. So me and my husband started searching for a good doctor. That is when i found DR ANUPAMA on a website. When i met her,my perspective towards the problem changed a lot. She was very positive and she made me inderstand that the problem i have isn't very uncommon these days due to the current lifestyle. I must say she has loads of patience to hear to ur problems. After every visit to her i used to feel very positive. She suggested me a good diet and excercise so that my problem is solved earlier. I can say i was cured just within 3 months.Finally she is always smiling and never shows a bit of impatience while explaining ur problems and she answers all ur doubts smiling. Now I am very happy that I have become pregnant naturally, without any problem. I would definitely recommend her.

-Manogna Nadella

"I had come across website and got to know about Dr. Anupama when I was searching for treatment for my pimples and scars. It helped me a great deal and effects could be seen within a months time. All thanks to Dr. Anupama."

-P. Chaney, Koramangala

Conceived after 4 months of treatment

I consulted Dr.Anupama for PCOD. She is very good and friendly. The treatment worked very well for me. Within 4 months, I noticed changes in my menstrual periods and was able to conceive within 4 months of treatment. I would happily continue treatment with her. I will also recommend my friends to get treatment from her.

-Sandhya B.S. Electronic city, Bangalore.

I was suffering from Psoriasis from 6 months. I had big patches on my upper body, which were very itchy. It had spread completely on my scalp and I could not tolerate the itching and irritation. The allopathic doctors had put me on steroids to control my symptoms, because of which I had many other side effects. I wanted to try Ayurveda, but I was very shy to meet a male doctor. I was fortunate to find Dr.Anupama, with whom I was comfortable discussing my problem. She advised me to undergo a complete cleansing first. By the end of the first week itself, I found that my itching reduced considerably. After a course of 3 weeks, my skin has started clearing up and I feel very happy and confident. I want to thank Dr.Anupama for giving me such an authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

-Bharathi (45 years)

I am a 28 year old software professional. After my marriage, I had severe Urinary Tract Infection. I was on antibiotics for several months. When I was taking the antibiotics, the symptoms were getting better, but once I finished the course, the infection would come back. I was very fed up with this. I was very stressed because I would not even go to work regularly. After 4 months of bearing this trouble, I consulted Dr.Anupama through my friend’s reference. First she listened to me very patiently. Then she advised me some Ayurvedic medicines for the infection and also some remedies to prevent it from coming back. After the 20 day course of medicines, I took another 2 weeks of preventive medicine. From then, I have not faced this problem again.

I have never met any doctor before who gives so much time to patients. I recommend her to all the ladies who need a sympathetic ear and good treatment.

-Mamatha (Name changed on request)

My daughter is 15 years old and was having irregular periods from one year. My husband has been consulting Dr.Santosh from a long time. When we wanted to discuss my daughter’s problem with him, he suggested that we should consult his wife, Dr.Anupama instead. We met her the very next day. After asking for all the details, she advised us to do some tests. When it was confirmed that it was PCOD, we got very scared. Dr.Anupama assured us that this can be treated with Ayurvedic medicines and Yoga. She gave some special treatment with fresh herbs and milk, which had to be taken early morning on empty stomach. After the first course of medicines itself, her periods became regular. Since my daughter is overweight and does not have time to exercise because of 10th standard board exams, Doctor gave a diet chart to maintain health and reduce weight. She also gave a list of specific asanas, which can be done at home. She always understands our problems and gives practical solutions. She is the best lady Ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore.

-Rajeshwari Shetty

Dr.Anupama was the first doctor who I met who did not crib about me being overweight for my age. When I first met her it did not seem like I was talking to a doctor, but to friend. She completely understood me and this comforted me!

The way she approached my whole PCOD condition, gave me the reassurance that everything would be fine. Its just not the medicines she prescribed that helped me to a great extent, but also the moral support and confidence she instilled in me. Usually I never approached doctors regarding my issues and always let my mom do the talking. But here since she is so understanding and gave me the liberty to contact her whenever I had an issue about something. It truly helped me towards attaining an emotional stability and also reduces my stress levels and anxiety to a great extent. She on the whole is not just a doctor, but a friend too!


My name is Pooja Kakkar and I am 32 years old. I have been married for 7 years. I and my husband were desperate to have a child. But the doctors told me that I have some problems, which have to be treated first. I took medicine for almost 4 years and in that time, we met a lot of specialists. But nothing helped. My health also became worse because of so much hormonal treatment. I also bloated up and started feeling very depressed. My periods also became very irregular. We almost lost hope of ever having a child. We also spent so much money on various treatments in the infertility clinics. As a last resort, we wanted to try ayurveda, and we googled and found out about Dr.Anupama through the testimonials in the website. I was very impressed with her the first time only. Whenever I have met other doctors, I always got very scared and would become very tensed and anxious. But she made me feel very relaxed and filled hope in us. She gave some medicines and also advised me to follow an Ayurvedic diet. I sincerely followed all this. And after the first month, my periods became regular and I started losing weight as well. And I conceived after 6 months of treatment. I am now 5 months pregnant and I am consulting her for ante- natal care also. I am so glad I came to her and I recommend her to all those women to try ayurveda and especially Dr.Anupama. I wish there are more such compassionate and efficient doctors.

-Pooja Kakkar

Dr.Anupama is an understanding and kind hearted doctor with loads of patience. She gives lot of confidence and makes us comfortable, so we can open up and can tell her all our problems without hesitating. She is very friendly and I have never met such a doctor in my life. Before I met her, I always felt Doctors are very serious and never give enough time to listen out. So, I was always very scared and uncomfortable to meet doctors. The first time I met her for my fibroids problem, I decided that she would be my family doctor. After that, through the years, everybody in my family consult her for small and big issues. We are very grateful for her assurance, support and help.

-Sumitra Chandrashekhar

Lost 15 kgs in 4 months

I have always been overweight, since my childhood. When I started college, I became very conscious of my weight and started losing confidence. I tried various forms of exercise like gym, aerobics etc., I did lose some weight when I was exercising, but I always gained it back because of my craving. My food habits were very erratic, sometimes strict dieting and sometimes binging. I never thought that this is a problem a doctor can help with. I met Dr.Anupama for hyperacidity. She took all the details of my lifestyle and made me realize that my food habits were not only causing weight gain but also leading to serious health issues. I was so surprised when she told me that she can treat my craving with Ayurvedic medicines. With medicines for my acidity, she also gave me a diet chart, which was very nutritious and made me understand that dieting is not about cutting down food, but eating healthy and nutritious food at the right time. She suggested weight loss yoga which was conducted at her clinic, which surprisingly helped me lose 15 kilos in 4 months. My craving has vanished and I happily choose healthy food because it makes me feel good. This not only helped in improving my stamina and stopped my hair fall and my skin is glowing. Thank you Doctor.


"We consulted Dr. Anupama for infertility problem for my wife. The treatment was very effective and result oriented especially without any side effects. We started treatment in April 2014 and she concieved in August, 2014.We have been seeing Dr. Santosh for my wife's asthma problem previously and we were very happy with the long term relief. I would like to thank Dr. Santosh and Dr. Anupama for making our health and lives better."

-B.Tanish Whitefield, Bangalor

Ayurveda is a life of science,having a belief in this we met Dr Santosh and Dr Anupama. We were extremely happy with the way they dealt with our problems. Scientific explanations were given by them to the solutions to our problems and of course the treatment too was nothing less than top notch.

In a time where hospitals have become business centers, and where doctors value time than anything else, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of time provided by Dr Santhosh and Dr Anupama for us during our visits, to help us understand on the health problems and also the approach that we had to take.

Both the doctors have good patience and their positivity and confidence were the ones which striked us the most.The counseling we received from Dr Santhosh during our visits were excellent and helped in instilling positivity in our life styles.We not only have found the best doctors but can safely say that we have won a bunch of good friends for the lifetime.

The medicines turned out to be of real good help with no side effects!. Thanks to the doctors and their support staff who provide service with a smile! Three Cheers to their good work!

-Couple from Bangalore (Name withheld on request)

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2012. I was put on an allopathic dosage of livothyroxin and the prescribed dosage turned out to be so high that I developed hyperthyroidism within 2 months.

Given these unpredictable issues with allopathic medication, I then approached Dr. Santosh/Dr, Anupama with my thyroid issues. The medication they prescribed to me not only helped control the issue but also brought down my TSH levels from 11.5 to 8.5 within just 2-3 months of taking their Ayurvedic prescription. With such exceptional results in such a short duration, I have full faith that if there is anything that can cure my hypothyroidism completely, it is Dr. Santosh's Ayurvedic medication.

I had also referred Dr. Santosh to my brother who was suffering from skin allergies for over a decade and Dr. Santosh was able to cure it within 3-4 months. My brother had been seeking several allopathic solutions to his problem for over a decade and has found the most relief through Dr. Santosh's medication.

I would highly recommend Dr. Santosh and Dr. Anupama to anyone having similar health issues in India or overseas.

-Patient B, Michigan, USA

I am a 59 year old lady and I had developed UTI issues in 2010. I had followed the regular protocol here in Canada of setting up visits whenever the issue occurred. Despite availing allopathic medication prescribed by doctors in Canada, I saw no improvement in my symptoms. There were suspicions of rectocoel and cystocoel, but no confirmation or treatment for anything. I would make a couple of visits to the doctor every month. However my UTI kept recurring.

My daughter then referred me to Dr.Santosh and Dr.Anupama. She had consulted them for her thyroid issues and saw remarkable improvement as a result of taking their Ayurvedic medication. Within 3 months of taking their Ayurvedic medication, my UTI issues were miraculously resolved. I had been struggling with these issues for 4 years and Dr.Santosh's prescription cured my problem within 3 months. I am extremely grateful to Dr.Santosh and Dr.Anupama for their effective Ayurvedic prescription and would strongly recommend them to patients in India and overseas. They always manage to send medicines overseas efficiently.

-Lata, Toronto, Canada